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CHPK Fire Engineering has ambitious plans for the future and strive to earn the right to be our client’s first choice fire consultancy.


Frazer Argyros-Farrell BSc(Hons) MISFM AIFireE

Frazer has over 25 years of experience in the Fire and Insurance industry working in property and life safety. After graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in Fire Science, he joined the Fire Protection Association, the UK’s National Fire Safety Organisation, as Head of Training. Frazer then moved into the insurance industry for 16 years. He worked in global property risk for a global broker, a global insurer and a global loss adjuster, looking after international brands in many industry sectors, from retail, luxury fashion and automotive brands to power systems (including nuclear) and heavy industry. Before joining CHPK Fire Engineering, Frazer headed a successful Fire Engineering consultancy. 


Chouaib Lekmiti MSc FaçEng BSc Arch FSFE LEED AP

Chouaib Lekmiti is an accomplished Architect and Building Envelope Specialist with an MSc in Façade Engineering and over 20 years of international experience. Throughout his career, he has excelled in managing façade teams, delivering comprehensive design and engineering consultancy services for diverse projects in the UK and the Middle East. His expertise spans various project sizes and types, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of façade engineering advancements and providing innovative solutions.
One of Chouaib’s notable contributions lies in his seamless integration of façade engineering with fire engineering, where his insights have played a pivotal role in enhancing the fire risk assessment of external walls and subsequently implementing remediation measures to address fire safety defects. His holistic approach underscores his dedication to ensuring not only aesthetic brilliance but also the utmost safety and functionality in his design.


James Lee MEng (Hons) CEng MIFireE

James takes an active role in shaping the strategic direction and growth of the business. He is a chartered engineer with the Institution of Fire Engineers and registered with the Engineering Council UK. He has an in-depth technical knowledge of fire regulations and extensive experience negotiating with the statutory authorities to ensure an efficient approval process in fire strategy development. James has a proven track record of successfully delivering a range of fire safety and risk management services.


Hugh Forster BSc (Hons) CEng MIFireE

Hugh has thirty years of experience in fire engineering and 14 years leading and managing teams, delivering client satisfaction and improving relationships. He focuses on fire risk and safety and has consulted on fire risk management and engineering for prominent UK and international companies. Hugh’s high level of technical expertise has enabled him to oversee and deliver building surveys, valuations, and fire risk assessments and review fire safety strategies across residential, education, healthcare, waste, and industrial projects.


Mai Jianqiang Dr, PhD, MEng, BEng, CEng, MIFireE

Dr. Mai is a technical director of CHPK. He is a chartered engineer and a member of IFE. Dr. Mai provides technical leadership to the CHPK Fire Engineering team. He has Over 20 years of experience in fire engineering and related services. He specialises in fire safety strategy development and has provided service to projects in the UK, Middle East, and Hong Kong from RIBA Stages 2 to 6 and EWS assessment. He has rich experience in most building types. He can provide unique fire engineering solutions to fulfil the client’s design aspirations and comply with the building regulations.


Muhammad Ali BEng (Hons) AIFireE

Muhammad’s portfolio displays his diverse strengths in fire engineering in various sectors, including residential, education, health, defence and commercial. He has worked on high-profile buildings and infrastructure projects, from high-rise residential buildings to subway stations. Muhammad has utilised his strengths to develop various engineered solutions for a diverse range of complex problems at all stages of the design and construction process. He has provided services covering all aspects of a building’s life cycle. He prides himself on delivering solutions tailored to meet the client’s needs without compromising life safety objectives.

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